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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A good financial plan makes life better. We are experts in financial consulting and offer a personalized, professional, and reliable service.


We're a company defined by the love of our customers


Yesterday, today, and beyond.


Our Journey


Initially established in Mumbai (Asia's Financial Hub in India) and with the majority of clients spread worldwide, the next stop was across the globe to Vancouver and Pan Canada.

Sanjay Gupta had a passion for "Financial Freedom for all" and made this his PURPOSE and then his life's PROFESSION. He is a CFP Certified Financial Planner, and keeps upgrading and upscaling his skill sets with a CSC and RIS from Canada.

Equipped with a wealth of experience in attracting and retaining customers and building long-term relationships with ETHICS with UNBIASED and Comprehensive Financial Advice,

Mode Money Managers Inc is growing exponentially with a team to be proud of.

Every client is a VIP and gets the utmost care and diligence with a relationship that has cascaded to even the next generation for many.

Blessed to have high-net-worth clients in Canada and overseas and humbly managing millions in investments with the right advice to families

for Insurance, Risk mitigation, and Life dreams.

We strive to continuously update, upskill and upgrade ourselves to a good understanding of the world financial markets and welcome the change we want to have for Financial Freedom for ALL.


All your protection under one roof.

In Mode Money Managers everything counts. Everyone matters.



We commit to you, your families and communities, to help and advise, to grow and preserve your wealth and prosperity, to lead you to financial freedom for your life dreams and beyond. 

Our team of advisors will be provided with the best of resources and training to present the right advice, a right product with the best possible advantages from the vast group of Financial Institutions we work and collaborate with.




To be the most trusted and respected by families and clients as a model Financial Advisory group as we strive collectively to navigate all through life's financial cycles.

Core Values

Live Once, Live Right

Work with total Passion 

Client delight for them to have an experience to cherish.

Value relations for life

Client benefit to be the ulterior motive

Act to Utmost Integrity

Spread the knowledge so that all gain who touch our souls

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